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Teeth Device Questions

Where is a description of each teeth device?
You can get a description of each of our teeth devices by clicking on the picture of your desired teeth device on our “Store” page.
What products are used to make these devices?
All products that are used to manufacture our teeth devices are FDA approved.
Is the quality of the devices the same as a dental office?
Yes, we use the same labs that make these devices for dentists.
What does each device do?
Please visit the product description page for description, function, and care.
Why do the devices with teeth added require me to have 8 existing teeth on both the upper and lower and 16 total existing teeth?
This is required because, for the lab to know where to place the missing teeth, they must know how your upper and lower teeth meet when you bite all the way down.
When you have less than 8 teeth on both the upper and lower, the lab is not able to tell how your upper and lower teeth come together when you bite down.
Can I modify the design of the devices?
No, the lab uses the universal shape, size, and materials of the most commonly used teeth device designs.
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